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Logline offers you a new way to reach out to clients. Create you company's profile for free and let anyone see how good your videos are. We give you space to advertise your services, tools to communicate with your clients throughout the projects and the most competitive rates on the market.

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If our free offer isn't enough you can make your profile even better by promoting it in all of the search results on our website, push your offers to the top of the examples list, and get insights on offers submitted by other companies. Each subscription plan includes the above and:

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Logline to sell my services?

Start by creating your company's profile. Once it's published you will get be able to create your offers or bid on orders created by users.

Who sees my offers and my bids?

Your offers are publicly visible, at any time you can archive any or all of your offers and make them unavailable. The bids are only visible to the user that created the order. At any given time only the currently lowest offer is visible to registered users and only the amount is shown.

How do I get paid?

After user pays for your offer or selects your bid and makes your payment the upfront amount will be transferred to you within one working day. The remaining amount will be disbursed one the project is completed and confirmed by both parties.

The upfront amount is non refundable and will stay with you. In a rare event that a client is not satisfied with the received video, we will make our best effort to resolved any arising issues.

Can I use Logline if I'm a freelance video maker.

We welcome all video production companies with proven track of record to post their offer on our platform. We also encourage any freelance video makers professionalize their services by starting a company.

Can I work with the clients from Logline outside of tour platform?

We want you to feel comfortable and work just the way you used to before joining us. Please remember that by using Logline and acquiring clients from us you agree to make future transactions with those clients trough our platform.

Do I need to register to use Logline?

Yes, to submit your offers you need to create your company profile, for this you will need to register with us.

How much does Logline charge?

We charge 10% of the transaction value, this includes any transaction fees and is the most competitive rate on the market. Each time you post an offer or submit your bid our calculator will show you your exact earnings. Any discounts applies by clients won't affect your earnings.