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Unlimited studios and projects

Safely store all of your projects and create or join as many studios as you want

Convenient dashboards

All of the important data in one place, neatly organized to give you a preview of everything that is happening in your production

You will never be lost. When designing Logline we made sure everything is intuitive and easily accesible. No matter if you're working on a concept, storyboard, script or need to find cast for your project. 

Powerful and easy to use tools

Use Logline to manage your company's projects, exchange ideas, leave comments and collaborate with ease. You're a freelancer with great ideas? Connect with other like-minded people and make your ideas a reality. 

Connect and Collaborate
Keep your cast list organized. Attach Logline users to your project to automatically pull their data.
Create sides for each of the shooting days with the exact location of the shoot, along with the contact details of the cast and crew, as well as the relevant parts of the script.
Post your casting calls and auditions. Easily screen and contact applicants, as well as maintain an organized database of the talents you want to work with.
Timing is everything. Organize and schedule tasks for your team mates, set deadlines and keep track of progress.


Write down your ideas and turn them into a script. Get your clients’ and team members’ comments, and work on the concept together.
Apply industry-standard formatting effortlessly. Create iterations, track changes and generate PDFs.
Upload your drawings, add camera angles and descriptions, make changes, get input from your team, as well as generate PDFs.
Guest List
Find out about potential guests who are in town. Keep track of the guests you’ve invited to your current affairs and entertainment shows or use it to create a searchable index of your contacts.