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Want to stay ahead of your competition?

In this new age of social media, you need to post at least a video a week to stay relevant. Logline can help you get great content every week for less than you expect. How does it work? We provide you with professional video equipment. You shoot the videos, submit the content to us and we edit them for you! We will also help you whenever you need animated videos, or a production company to make the video look even better.


You shoot, we edit and deliver. Let's be honest - you know your clients best, we know how to edit great videos. Toegther we can produce great content every week.


It's is not rocket science to hit 'record', the trouble starts with editing. Offload this heavy work to us, and focus on the fun part.


Our subscription model makes professional videos available to even the smallest companies. Check the plans below!


How does it work?

Sing up for a one-week free trial, no credit card neeeded, no commitments. Test our services for free, continue only if you’re satisfied.

What is included?

We will deliver the equipment, provide you with free training, and edit the raw material you will send us. At the end of trial you wil receive professional corporate video completly for free!

Please provide your details and we will contact you shortly

*Subject to availability, actual equipment may vary, equipment rental agreement and trial agreement will have to be signed.

Example videos

Here are some examples of videos produced for our partners.

Fuel Stations

Sales video

Installment plans

Clinet advisory

Reviews App

Product Presentation

Our Amazing Team

With combined 20 years of experience in video production you can't choose any better!

Borys Specjalski

Founder and Video Production Geek

Danijela Habek

Video Production Expert

We will produce your video from start to finish so you can sit down, relax and get the best video there is

Choose your package

Too good to be true? Thanks to our extensive market knowledge we know exactly how much video production costs. Choose between a basic package for self recorded videos, or full featured package with access to all video types



+ Self recorded videos

+ Video Editing

  • Professional equipment
  • Professional training**
  • Stock music
  • 2D logo animations
  • 4 videos a month
  • 2 revisions/video
  • 36 hours turnover


Same as basic

+ Animated videos

  • Professional equipment
  • Professional training**
  • Custom script
  • Stock music
  • Unlimited reviews
  • 2d logo animations
  • 6 videos a month
  • 3 revisions/video
  • 48 hours turnover


Same as basic

+ Animated videos

+ Professional video production*

  • Professional equipment
  • Professional training**
  • Custom script
  • Stock music
  • Unlimited reviews
  • 2d logo animations
  • 8 videos a month
  • 3 revisions/video
  • 24 hours turnover

For each package we will provide 3 days of training, after which your designated employees will have all the knoledge necessary to product a great looking video.

*up to one video per contract

**up to three hours per month

How does the process look like?

We are always ready to help you with any of the videos you want to produce.

  • You record

    Whenever you need to show something to your clients, explain to your employees or archive just grab the equipment and record

  • Submit To Us

    Send the raw footage to us and give us your idea for the video

  • We edit

    Our professional editting team will make sure your video will be nothing short of great

  • You Publish

    Additionally we can help you with your marketing and SEO effort to increase your ROI in no time

  • Be Part
    Of Our

Contact Us

Let us know what does your company or product do. We will get back with a free concept for an animted explainer! You can also write us an email at contact@logline.pro or give us a call +65 9867 4165