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...the unexplainable, with nothing else but a video!

We are pros' at explaining the unexplainable. Need to sell your new product? Show why it's better? Explain how to use it? Then video explainer is just the right thing, here is why:


Say in 60 seconds what your sales team explains in 60 minutes. Get a tailored video in just 3 weeks


Let us handle the all the hard work. We will conteptualize the video, work on the script and deliver the final video. And what if you don't like it? No problem, get unlimited reviews and have a piece of mind.


A video explainer costs just fraction of what a sales team would. Most importantly it shows your product in the best light - every single time

What did we explain?

Here are some great expamples from us and our partners. Always impecable quality and a great price!

Fuel Stations

Sales video

Installment plans

Clinet advisory

Reviews App

Product Presentation

Our Amazing Team

With combined 20 years of experience in video production you can't choose any better!

Borys Specjalski

Founder and Video Production Geek

Danijela Habek

Video Production Expert

We will produce your video from start to finish so you can sit down, relax and get the best video there is

Choose your package

Too good to be true? Thanks to our extensive market knowledge we know how much exactly video production costs.



For a quick and easy explainer

  • Custom animations
  • Custom script
  • Stock music
  • 2D logo animations
  • 2 reviews


everything you need

  • Custom animations
  • Custom script
  • Stock music
  • Unlimited reviews
  • 2d logo animations


The ultimate package

  • Custom animations
  • 2 weeks turnaround
  • Custom music
  • Unlimited reviews
  • 3d logo animations

We will conceptualize your video and product it for you from start to finish so you can be sure that your video will be nothing short of amazing!

We know our stuff

We started Logline in 2015 with the goal of making great videos affordable

  • May 2015

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Won the best business pitch content at Spaze Venturs and started building our small video empire

  • January 2016

    A Video Agency is Born

    We help companies like yours get the best videos at the best price by using our proprietry alogirthms and machine learning

  • October 2016

    Joining Mediacorp

    Our product has been selected from hundreds of other companies to join the Mediapreneur program

  • April 2017

    Logline Video Market

    Launch of our marketplace to help companies get best explainers at zero effort

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Let us know what does your company or product do. We will get back with a free concept for an animted explainer! You can also write us an email at contact@logline.pro or give us a call +65 9867 4165